Monday, August 4, 2014

Nocturion's Indiegogo campaign goes live

Gentlemen and ladies, the summer is nearing its end... but we're not ready!

We need your help.

Today, Nocturion's Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign went live. If you've been following Nocturion's progress (via FacebookTwitterblog), you'll have seen that we've been slowly creating graphics, writing lore, and planning... lots and lots of planning. We would love to have the game ready this Summer, but covering the cost ourselves is challenging.

Through this campaign, we hope to cover the initial costs of the game. This includes graphics and servers... not salaries and marketing.

We've come up with some perks that we hope will entice you to contribute and become a part of Nocturion.

We'll also add surprises along the way, so keep checking in!

If you can't make a contribution at this time, you can still be part of the Nocturion game community. In the past, we've found that our players are the best publicists. Please share our campaign with your friends and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Nocturion's blog for updates and game secrets!

"When you play, you become part of a game community where there is no hierarchy between developers and players. Every opinion matters because making an exceptional strategy game is the goal over everything else.."- Konstantinos Manos (a.k.a. Kevorque), Game Designer & Developer

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