Friday, May 30, 2014

The Grasslands

The Grasslands is where players begin play.

Anne Mohr,
A civilized area in western Valkuria, the Grasslands still form the power core of the
Western Empire - or what remains of it. They mostly contain rolling green hills and
prairies made more fertile by the Twin River that slowly winds its way towards the
western ocean.

City of Evergreen

Although a shadow of its past glory, the imperial capital still dominates the region. Its tall green tower spires are visible from quite far away and its mighty walls have never been breached during its bimillenial existence. The city is surrounded by the Stoneguard Mountains and the Twin River, making this an excellent, extremely defensible location.


Greenwood forms a border between the Grasslands and the Badlands to the east. It as considered a safe place to harvest wood, herbs as well as hunt game. In recent decades, however, unrest in the Badlands has made it less and less attractive.


Contrary to the rest of the Grasslands, Mistwood is a damp, miserable place. It separates the Grasslands from the Crimson Forest to the north. A mist seems to hang perpetually over the silent trees, discouraging any adventurers from venturing any deeper.

Monastery of Patience

This is an ancient monastery in the eastern part of the Grasslands. Founded long ago, it once belonged to the Ring of Virtue, a string of monasteries promoting human life, righteousness, and purity of spirit. Now, like so much else, it lies abandoned atop its characteristic rock pillar.


Once a thriving community, this island now lies deserted in the middle of Sunset Bay. Almost a century ago, its inhabitants rebelled against tyrannical imperial rule and their land was destroyed by Emperor Alexius I.

South Loch

In this protected bay, one can see the remains of two naval fleets. A century ago, fugitive Quietus vessels were destroyed by the imperial fleet. Their remains are still visible where the water is shallow. In an ironic twist of fate, revolutionaries from the Scarlet Ring torched imperial ships in the same spot three decades ago, destroying the empire's naval power base.

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