Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Inhabitants of the Elemental Planes

As the game story progresses, the elemental beings of Oceanus, Spiritus, Terra Infinitus, and Ignis will become more and more involved in players' affairs, eventually becoming their ultimate opponents.

On the plane of Oceanus, water is the life-giving element and the inhabitants support the diversity of (mostly aquatic) life in all its myriad forms. This places them in direct opposition to the fire lords of Ignis, who worship death and destruction. The ruler of Oceanus is Neriah Terror of the Deep, a huge kraken-like creature that commands everything in this realm.

Air elementals are the most common inhabitants of Spiritus. They resemble air vortices or whirlwinds that playfully move among the clouds. Air is in constant motion and takes an infinite number of possible shapes. Air manifests everywhere, from small clouds and wisps of smoke to lashing winds, terrible thunderstorms and the breath of living creatures. The ruler of this plane is Lord Thunderon, a gigantic air elemental that resembles a dark, living whirlwind.

Terra Infinitus is mostly solid earth, filled with endless tunnels and caverns. Most native creatures of Terra Infinitus, such as earth elementals, have little difficulty traveling through the plane, usually by merging into the rocks at will. Other creatures, such as stone and iron golems, are scattered around guarding ancient secrets. The rulers of Terra Infinitus are the Stonecore Archons, seven gigantic golems of supreme power, each made from a different precious material: diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, zircon, amber.

Inhabitants of Ignis, the plane of fire, favor destruction. All things, they believe, must be purified by fire, the most powerful of all elements. Only those strong enough to withstand fire's destructive power are deemed worthy of existence. The fire lords consider beings of flesh to be insignificant and weak and they care almost nothing about their existence. The ruler of this plane is Pyrelord Phlogistus, a gigantic phoenix-like flyer that is always on fire.

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