Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nocturion... is risen.

Do you find yourself awake at night? Perhaps you feel the days have become shorter, less bright, and the darkness of night stretches beyond its normal reach?

Welcome to Nocturion.

It has taken a hell of a lot longer than I thought, but things are starting to come together.

Last night we met until the wee hours of the morning... planning, discussing... letting our minds explore a world where vampires are the overloads... slowly building their empires by commanding armies, improving their skills, and forging alliances against one another and their environment. This is Nocturion.

In actuality, this new world (this new strategy game) was thought up well before Universe-Online (UO) became the game it is today. Kevorque and Archmage thought UO would be a great test, THE Test. Could they create an online strategy game worth playing? 

Check! Done and done! (or at least I think so!)

Well, as far as the "done" part goes, it seems these games are never actually done... just ask anyone active in the UO forum... the game is live and grows with its fans. 

Although the team will never give up their first baby in space (have no fear Governors!), its time to move forward and allow for the rise of Nocturion!   

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